Friday, November 11, 2011

Roots as Red as Blood

We have now formed a yahoo group to focus on research related to Gabriel Arthur and an Indian woman named Nikitie. In the past several months our collaborative effort has revealed an amazing historical and genealogical story. Gabriel's land was in Tidewater Virginia in the middle of the domain that was claimed by the English aristocracy. This land belonged to the Powhatan tribes of which Pocahantas came from. It appears that she had a niece named Niketti. I have now found 60 females given the name Nikiti and variations of the name who were born in the counties going further into the mountains of Virginia. My ancestors, John Drake and Martha Arthur, were in the midst of a large kinship group of these mixed-blood people who were evading problems with the aristocracy. John Floyd, who was born at Floyd's Station and became governor of Virginia, was descended from Niketti and several females in his family were given the name. I continue to work towards completion of my book, "Roots as Red as Blood; Searching for My English Indian Ancestors" and production of a full-length feature film based on this research. Right now focusing on finding a producer. Any ideas?

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